Custom Wooden Boxes made by Polmac UK

Printing/ Special Craft Techniques

Printing Samples

All Polmac presentation boxes, promotional boxes, gift boxes and packaging can be overprinted with a logo or text, using the following printing methods:

  • Metallic Foil Blocking
  • Laser Engraving (With optional colour infill)
  • Screen Printing

Before printing, we will need your serviceable artwork, at 1 - 1 scale (actual size), by email attachment, in pdf, eps, black vector format.

You will also need to confirm the colours you require and the position of your logo and / or text on your boxes. Colours for metallic foil blocking and screen printing are available on request.

If you are unsure about which method of printing to choose, or any aspect of the printing process, we will be delighted to help you, using our specialised expertise and knowledge.

Printing Samples - Polmac UK
Printing Samples

Special Craft Techniques


Pyrography is one of the traditional techniques used by Polmac (UK) Ltd to provide special, decorative features, motifs and effects on wooden boxes and as a base for other decorations.

Our craftsmen use an electric powered, hand held pyrographic tool to burn patterns and decorative shapes onto wood, to create visually stunning and original effects that are then over painted with natural wood and colour stains and / or block colours.

Pyrographic Decoration on Wooden Boxes - Polmac UK
Traditional Pyrographic Decoration

Metal Strip Inlay

This is a technique that uses thin gauge, corrugated or plain brass or nickel plated metal strips as lines to create patterns, decorative motifs and borders.

A narrow groove is cut into the wood and the metal strips tapped in, flush with the surface of the wood. Any raised edges of the metal strips are then sanded off, on a special sanding machine, to provide a flush, even finish.

Metal strip inlay
Metal Strip Inlay Decoration

Hand Carving

Traditional hand carving techniques are used to create textured areas, motifs and patterns on the surface of the wood, using special hand carving tools.