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Custom Wooden Boxes made by Polmac UK

Wooden Boxes Blog

This Blog comprises articles about the design, manufacture and use of wooden boxes and gift packaging, including other relevant, related content.

Polmac Wooden Perfume Box
How The Ancient Egyptians Boosted Their Sex Appeal!
4 Sep, 2017
The ancient Egyptians used perfumes and fragrances to boost their sex appeal, to provide a pleasant scented atmosphere and to mask unpleasant, seco...
Polmac Aromatherapy Boxes
So You've Heard About Aromatherapy - Now What?
17 Aug, 2017
Aromatherapy is used to maintain general health and well being and offers many additional benefits. These include boosting the immune system, aidin...
Plywood Round Food Hamper Boxes
King Tutankhamun's Plywood Legacy!
31 Jul, 2017
In 1500 BC Egyptian craftsmen used thin strips of dark ebony to decorate a cedar wood casket that was found in King Tutankhamun's tomb. The Greeks...
Polmac Brass & Nickel Plated Clasps & Misc Fixings
Jackdaws Love Our Bright, Polished, Metal Clasps!
6 Oct, 2014
Polmac (UK) Ltd supplies a vast array of customized, wood, presentation boxes with hinged lids, that are secured with metal clasps. There are many...
Polmac Wood & Wicker Hamper Boxes For: Fortnum & Mason
Impress Your Clients With A Hamper Gift Box!
3 Oct, 2014
Many companies give their clients gift hampers chocked full of corporate goodies as a way of maintaining and enhancing the sales relationship, part...
Polmac Metallic Printing Foil
Metallic Foil Block Printing: Simple, Economic & Appealing!
1 Oct, 2014
Polmac (UK) Ltd uses a number of different printing methods to personalize our wood, presentation boxes and packaging. One of the most popular meth...
Wood Stain Finishes by Polmac UK Ltd
Stains Can Be Beneficial Especially On Wood!
29 Sep, 2014
Making wood, presentation boxes from hardwoods such as Oak, Maple and Beech, can be expensive, so Polmac (UK) Ltd uses a range of beautiful, colour...
Linden Trees for Boxes
Linden Trees Have Many Unusual Uses!
26 Sep, 2014
European Linden trees, are known in Britain as Lime trees and can be seen on many high streets. They like full sunlight and are similar to the Amer...
Wooden Tool Boxes from Polmac Uk Ltd
The Many Uses Of Wood Tool Boxes!
11 Aug, 2014
Boxes to store tools are made from different materials such as plastic and metal. However, there are other storage boxes that are made of wood. ...