03 October 2014

Impress Your Clients With A Hamper Gift Box!

Polmac Wood & Wicker Hamper Boxes For: Fortnum & Mason

Many companies give their clients gift hampers chocked full of corporate goodies as a way of maintaining and enhancing the sales relationship, particularly during the festive season.

The 'Law of Reciprocity' states that if you give someone a gift, they'll feel obligated to give you something in return. This undoubtedly is a well-tried and tested sales technique and it works!

Many online delicatessens and farm shops also use hampers to market their pre-picked produce, or even provide a 'pick your own' service for their customers.

Gift hampers are traditionally made from natural wicker and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. These can be open trays, baskets, or more usually in the shape of a small, flat 'suitcase' with hinged lids.

Wicker gift hampers may be the traditional choice but in the cut and thrust of the commercial world, it always pays to be different.

For example, a gift hamper can be made from a combination of wicker and wood, or from thin, flexible plywood in the shape of an elongated hat box, with a lift-off lid.

These 'hamper boxes' can be easily personalized, with a company logo, or text and are designed to impress.

Hampers can be filled with a wide variety of gifts, depending upon the company and can include fine wine, champagne, chocolates and packaged foodstuff.

They can be encapsulated with white satin fabric and/or clear cellophane (like the material used to wrap flowers) and tied with a coloured, ribbon bow, to provide that essential finishing touch.

Polmac (UK) Ltd supplies a large range of 'hamper boxes', as well as traditional wicker hampers, that are custom-made to our customer's exact requirements.

The hampers we make are delivered directly to our customer's door and they fill them with a wealth of wonderful products, for sale, or as gifts.

Polmac, Personalized, Plywood Hamper Boxes

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