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Custom Wooden Boxes made by Polmac UK
06 October 2014

Jackdaws Love Our Bright, Polished, Metal Clasps!

Polmac Brass & Nickel Plated Clasps & Misc Fixings

Polmac (UK) Ltd supplies a vast array of customized, wood, presentation boxes with hinged lids, that are secured with metal clasps.

There are many types of clasps ... large, small, plain and decorative, made from different materials and finishes. The most popular clasps are made from pressed steel sheet, with brass, or nickel-plated finish, because they are elegant, durable and economical.

However, metal clasps, with a black, or bronze effect finish, as well as solid, polished brass clasps are also used, although they are more expensive.

Brass and nickel plating on metal clasps is used primarily as a decorative finish but does also provide excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

To protect the bright, polished brass or nickel-plated finish, clasps can be supplied with a clear lacquer finish!

However, regardless of the type of clasps used, they must always perform one important function, which is to keep the lid tightly secured to the base and prevent the item/s inside from falling out.

Firstly, the metal clasps must be well made, with all the various parts functioning correctly.

Secondly, the clasps need to be physically fixed to the wooden boxes, using either metal screws, or special, serrated fixing pins.

Screw fixings are more expensive than pins because they're more labour intensive. However, they are often used to fix larger clasps to larger wood boxes, where stronger and more robust, metal fixings are required.

However, for small, wooden boxes 8 - 10mm serrated pins are very effective and these are hammered home at a slight angle, to provide a secure and permanent fixing.

Polmac wood, presentation boxes with brass, or nickel-plated, metal clasps are beautifully made, versatile and terrific value, which means that they boost bottom-line product sales!

Polmac Ironmongery
Polmac Ironmongery
Polmac Ironmongery
Polmac Ironmongery

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