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Custom Wooden Boxes made by Polmac UK
17 August 2017

So You've Heard About Aromatherapy - Now What?

Polmac Aromatherapy Boxes

Aromatherapy is used to maintain general health and well being and offers many additional benefits. These include boosting the immune system, aiding digestion, easing muscle pain, reducing stress and improving your skin complexion.

Aromatherapy can also reduce tension-related headaches, alleviate anxiety and helps reduce feelings of depression. This is why aromatherapy, as an alternative holistic therapy, is becoming more and more popular!

Broadly, people who practice aromatherapy fall into two groups - Practitioners and consumers and both groups need to keep their aromatherapy products and accessories somewhere.

Practitioners use practitioner cases and consumers single and 2-tier starter kits and simple aromatherapy boxes to keep their essential oils.

These kinds of containers not only keep everything in one place they also help to preserve your essential oils for longer.

Aside from aromatherapy boxes, if you're looking for a special present for a friend or relative what better than giving them an aromatherapy gift set.

Wood is ideal for making aromatherapy boxes and gift sets, as it's a beautiful, versatile and organic material that compliments the organic nature of essential oils perfectly.

Aromatherapy boxes and gift sets may be crafted into many shapes, sizes and styles, depending upon individual preferences and finished with beautiful clear lacquers, or stunning natural wood and colour stains.

They can also be branded with printed logos and text for a more personalized finish if required.

Different people have different ideas about the contents of aromatherapy boxes and gift sets but the basics will include essential oils, carrier oils and lotions to dilute the essential oils and perhaps a good quality burner or diffuser if you're feeling flush!

Scented aromatherapy candles can also be included, as they are an excellent introduction to aromatherapy, some relaxing music cd's and perhaps a book about aromatherapy if it's new to them.

Essential oils are the basis of aromatherapy and will provide valuable health benefits, along with enticing aromas, to create a relaxing and holistic effect on mind and body, that can be truly life-enhancing.  

For more information about Polmac practitioner cases, single and 2-tier starter kits and aromatherapy boxes please CLICK HERE

Polmac Aromatherapy Boxes
Polmac Aromatherapy Boxes
Polmac Aromatherapy Boxes
Polmac Aromatherapy Boxes

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