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26 septembre 2014

Linden Trees Have Many Unusual Uses!

Linden Trees for Boxes -Polamc Uk Ltd

European Linden trees, are known in Britain as Lime trees and can be seen on many high streets. They like full sunlight and are similar to the American Linden tree because they take years to develop a full, leaf canopy. 

European Linden trees have smaller leaves than the American variety, which can grow up to eight inches in length and five inches in width.

Linden wood is very popular with cabinet makers and for making boxes, because it has a straight grain and is a relatively softwood! Linden wood is also ideal for making musical instruments, such as guitars and flutes.

Linden has many other unusual uses, including as an additive for...

  • Perfume
  • Medicine used to treat headaches, colds, coughs and fever
  • Flavourings for tea and oils
  • Hot baths, to alleviate stomach problems

    Linden tree leaves used to be eaten raw, to induce sweating and reduce fevers. In some parts of the world, the ashes from burnt Linden wood was ingested to treat intestinal ailments, or applied directly to the skin to treat ulcers or oedema.

Linden fruit contains a sticky substance that can damage car paint, so it's wise not to park your car next to a Linden tree. The Japanese weave Linden wood fibres into their clothing to give it more texture. 

Polmac Linden Wood Cheese Safe For Harrods Ltd - London

Polmac (UK) Ltd supplies wood, presentation boxes, made from Linden wood, that are custom-made to our customer's exact requirements. 

Many Polmac boxes are made from Linden wood because it is easily worked by hand, has a beautiful colour and texture and is ideal for wood staining purposes!

Polmac, Linden wood boxes are beautifully made, versatile and terrific value, which means they boost bottom-line, product sales!

Linden Tree Leaf
Polmac Linden Wood Cheese Safe

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