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29 septembre 2014

Stains Can Be Beneficial Especially On Wood!

Wood Stain Finishes by Polmac UK Ltd

Making wood, presentation boxes from hardwoods such as Oak, Maple and Beech, can be expensive, so Polmac (UK) Ltd uses a range of beautiful, coloured wood stains, as an alternative. Polmac Wood Stain Finishes.

These are applied to base woods such as Linden or Alder wood, as a more economic solution, whilst at the same time preserving the high-quality finish that customers demand!

Light coloured woods, such as oak, pine, or ash can look dull with no wood staining, so it's used to highlight and compliment the wood grain, to provide a more vibrant finish.

Polmac wood stains are a mixture of dyes and pigments, mixed with water that can be applied with a brush, a sponge, or a spray gun.

The pigments lodge in the wood pores and the dyes are absorbed into the wood cells. This gives the wood a subtle, translucent quality, that oil-based block colours cannot match.

Pigmented, wood stains are also more resistant to fading in direct sunlight and are easier to apply evenly than dyes alone.

Water-based wood stains, dry very quickly, so powered, spray guns are used before they become tacky. Using spray guns, also means that a perfectly even finish can be achieved and the job can be finished in one day. Polmac Wood Stain Power Spraying

After the wood stain dries, a clear lacquer seal is applied, to preserve the finish and prevent finger marks remaining on the wood, when handled!

A wide range of colours is available, which means that wood stains are better for colour matching purposes than oil-based alternatives.

Many Polmac wood boxes are made from Linden and Alder wood because the colour and texture of the wood are ideal for colour staining purposes!

Polmac, Linden and Alder wood, presentation boxes are beautifully made, versatile and terrific value, which means they boost bottom-line, product sales!

Polmac Wood Stain Powerspraying

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