Cutlery Boxes

Polmac wooden cutlery boxes and custom wooden boxes for fine silverware are manufactured for contemporary, classic, or antique cutlery designs, kitchen utensils, accessories and as cutlery and silverware gift sets for special occasions.

They can be designed as single or two-tier cutlery boxes and silverware boxes, with lift-out trays, depending on your specific requirements.

Polmac cutlery boxessilverware boxes, including silverware sets are custom made to order, ensuring you can design your own product packaging for fine cutlery and silverware, to suit your needs.

At Polmac we can work from an existing template; or provide design concepts free of charge to meet your requirements.

Perfectly Poised

The internal finishes can be designed to complement your high-end cutlery and silverware, whether you require a simple, pre-formed mould to support different items of traditional or contemporary cutlery, or upright wooden slot restraints lined with a silk or flock fabrics, to provide a luxurious contrast to the utensils.

The exterior of your high-quality cutlery boxes can also be manufactured to suit your requirements, from a clear lacquer to a natural wood, or colour stain finish, to vibrant block colours. The result? Your kitchen cutlery setskitchen knife sets, or chefs’ knife sets look stunning.

Featured Branding

If you require your wooden cutlery boxes to be branded, this can also be provided.  Whether it’s a personal message or corporate logo, Polmac will design your cutlery boxes and silverware boxes to meet your exact requirements.

Wooden Cutlery Boxes from Polmac UK Ltd
Wooden Cutlery Boxes from Polmac UK Ltd
Wooden Cutlery Boxes from Polmac UK Ltd
Wooden Cutlery Boxes from Polmac UK Ltd
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