Custom Wooden Boxes made by Polmac UK

Cutlery Boxes

Polmac, customized, wood cutlery boxes are designed for contemporary, classic, or antique cutlery, kitchen utensils and/or cutlery accessories. If you’re looking for steak cutlery sets, or perhaps a stainless steel cutlery set, vintage cutlery set, silver cutlery set, or a silverware set for special occasions, we can help.

Your cutlery box can be designed as a single, or two-tier 16 piece cutlery set, or a 24 piece cutlery set. There are many design possibilities, so your wood cutlery boxes can be customized to include special features, such as lift-out, or hinged trays, depending on your requirements.

Polmac cutlery boxes and cutlery sets are custom made to order, using locally sourced,  natural organic woods, providing a unique opportunity for you to design your own cutlery presentation packaging boxes. 

At Polmac we can work from an existing template, or help you with design ideas, completely FREE of charge, to meet your exact requirements. So, your cutlery boxes can be as stylish and memorable as you wish.

Perfectly Poised

If you’re looking for more traditional cutlery boxes such as antique silverware sets, these can be designed to include special, complementary features, such as silver or gold finished, engraved metal plates, providing that ‘wow’ factor, that will attract more customers.     

To support and protect your fine cutlery items, Polmac can provide simple, pre-formed,   moulded inserts, or shaped wooden slots. These can be lined with beautiful silk, or flock fabrics, to provide a luxurious contrasting finish.

Polmac, customized wood cutlery boxes and cutlery sets can be supplied with a clear lacquer finish, to bring out the natural warmth and beauty of wood, with beautiful natural wood stains and colour stains, or with bright block colours, or pastel shades, to suit your taste. The result - your customized boxes look stunning.

Featured Branding

Polmac cutlery boxes and cutlery sets can be overprinted with your company logo, product name, or slogan, using special printing techniques, including metallic foil blocking, screen printing and laser etching, for a more personalized, branded finish.

If you’re looking to boost your bottom line sales, Polmac (UK) Ltd can work closely with you, to create an exciting and unique cutlery box and cutlery set design that your customers will find irresistible.

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