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Custom Wooden Boxes made by Polmac UK

Decorative Boxes

Polmac (UK) Ltd supplies bespoke, decorative boxes made from natural organic woods, with intricate designs, for any use, or occasion. They’re beautifully made versatile and terrific value.

Whatever your requirements for decorative, personalised gift boxes, whether large gift boxes or small gift boxes, decorative storage boxes, such as craft storage boxes, or even wooden box blanks (unfinished wooden boxes), Polmac can help.

Polmac decorative gift boxes and decorative storage boxes are supplied in a wide range of styles, sizes and finishes that are embellished using traditional woodcraft methods, including pyrography, hand carving, and polished brass strip inlay.

Our decorative boxes are finished by hand painting, using natural wood and colour stain finishes and vibrant block colours, to provide beautiful decorative gift boxes with unique and memorable effects.

Custom Gift Boxes

From painting, or engraving special shapes, emblems, names and/or personal messages, to adding specialist features, such as polished metal plates, Polmac will work with you to create your beautiful, decorative, custom gift boxes. The only limit is your imagination.

Whether you’re looking for large gift boxes or small gift boxes, finished with your company branding colours, or a simple, decorated wooden box with a lid, such as a pencil box, or a stationery box, Polmac is here to help.

Polmac can finish your decorative boxes for you, with bright colours, or pastel shades, and apply decorative motifs, such as flowers, butterflies, hearts and footballs, depending on your specific wooden box design requirements.

Wooden Box Blanks

If you prefer to decorate your custom wooden boxes yourself, by painting, or other decorative applications, we can supply wooden box blanks (unfinished wooden boxes) in all shapes, sizes and styles.

We can supply unfinished, large gift boxes, small gift boxes, storage boxes with lids and craft storage boxes. Whatever your requirements for wooden box blanks, let Polmac (UK) Let help you create something special.

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