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Custom Wooden Boxes made by Polmac UK

Promotional Packaging

Gift Boxes for Promotional Products

All Polmac (UK) Ltd custom promotional packaging and customized boxes for promotional products, including promotional gifts and/or company branded items are made to order, using natural, locally sourced woods, accommodating your specific requirements.

If you have a concept or design in mind, such as a promotional box for launching a new product, or other special promotional items, such as a counter-top, product display stand, we can work with you to bring this to fruition.

If you’re looking for custom branded boxes containing personalised merchandise, or promotional items like cd’s and brochures, promoting a special company event, such as an upcoming business fair, special tv series, or product launch, we can work with you to bring this to fruition.

Similarly, if you need assistance with the design and development of your custom promotional packaging, we can help here too, at no extra cost to you.

Custom Gift Boxes

The key to your promotional gift packaging success is to ensure your products stand out from the crowd, are memorable and create that all important ‘wow’ factor that your customers will find impossible to resist.

Whether you’re looking for full-featured branding, subtle colours, or following a theme for your promotional gift packaging boxes, Polmac presentation boxes will help you achieve your objectives.

Stylish Finish

Polmac, customized boxes for promotional products are available in a variety of styles and finishes, including:

  • - Clear lacquer finishes - bringing out the natural warmth and beauty of wood
  • - Natural wood and colour stain finishes - to create visually stunning effects
  • - Vibrant block colours - perfect for brand matching
  • - Polished metal plates - custom engraved for a perfect finish
  • - Printed logos or text - for a complete branded package

The result – custom promotional packaging for your promotional items will be memorable, creating a lasting impression with your customers, helping to boost your bottom line sales.

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