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Custom Wooden Boxes made by Polmac UK

Whisky Boxes & Gin Boxes

Polmac (UK) Ltd supplies customised, wooden whisky presentation boxes and gin boxes, including whiskey gift sets and gin gift sets, for whisky, gin and other high quality, premium spirits.

Polmac custom wooden boxes for whisky and gin are beautifully made, versatile and of terrific value, so they’re very appealing to your customers, which mean more sales.

Whatever your requirements, be it a single-bottle whisky gift box, or gin gift box, whisky miniature gift set, gin and tonic gift set, gin miniature gift set, or customized boxes for whiskey gifts and gin gifts, Polmac is there to help you.  

Each whisky gift box or gin gift box is custom made to order, which means you can have your own bespoke whisky box and wooden gin box design, to suit your exact requirements, at no extra cost.

Stylish Custom Boxes

Whether you’re a premium brand looking for a personalised whisky box, or gin gift set with glasses, or a small spirits business looking for cost-effective, gin bottle boxes, or a custom wooden box for whisky gifts, Polmac can help you create something special.

Bespoke solutions from Polmac ensures your whiskey boxes and gin boxes provide that ‘wow’ factor, providing that all important, memorable, first impression to help boost your bottom line sales.

Polished Presentation Boxes

Polmac whiskey gift boxes and gin gift boxes are supplied in a wide range of styles and finishes, including clear lacquer, to bring out the natural warmth and beauty of wood, stunning natural wood and colour stain finishes, or vibrant block colours, to provide unique and visually appealing effects.

Finishing The Bottle

Internal finishes are provided to your specification, whether you’re looking for an economy, personalised whisky box, such as a whisky glass gift set, or a simple mini gin set, with basic wood wool packing, or beautiful internal silk, flock or hessian fabric linings, for a more up-market and stylish finish.

Internal restraining collars can be provided to ensure your whisky bottles and gin bottles sit comfortably and safely within the whisky boxes or gin boxes and remain undamaged during transportation.

Your customized, wood, whisky and gin presentation boxes can be over-printed, using special printing techniques, including metallic foil blocking, screen printing, or laser etching, whether you’re featuring a company logo, specific memorable date, or a personal message, to accompany your whisky gifts and gin gifts.

Whatever your requirements, Polmac (UK) Ltd can work closely with you to create exciting design solutions for your whisky gift boxes and gin gift boxes that your customers will find irresistible.

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