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Custom Wooden Boxes made by Polmac UK

Wine Boxes & Champagne Boxes

Whether you’re a wine producer, wine merchant or wine exporter, have your bespoke wine packaging for fine wines and champagne designed and supplied by Polmac (UK) Ltd.

Each wooden wine box and champagne box is custom made to order, at no additional cost to you, ensuring the finished product fits your specification, regardless of the size and style of your bottles of wine, or champagne.

Therefore, whether you’re using Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chianti, Jeroboam or Magnum bottles, your wine packaging boxes and champagne boxes are manufactured to fit your products like a glove.

Polmac custom wooden boxes for fine wine and champagne are beautifully crafted, versatile and of terrific value and can be designed for many wine and champagne gift packaging uses.

In addition to single-bottle, wooden wine boxes, or champagne boxes, we can help you design a port and stilton gift set, a ruby port and glasses gift set, a simple, port gift set, or stilton gift set. Whatever your requirements, Polmac can help.

Style And Finishing

Polmac wooden wine boxes and champagne boxes are supplied in a wide range of styles and finishes, including clear lacquer finishes, to bring out the natural warmth and beauty of wood, stunning, natural wood and colour stains and vibrant block colours, providing unique and visually appealing effects that your customers will find irresistible.

Polmac wine packaging can also be supplied as wine gift boxes, to include accessories such as wine glasses, bottle stoppers, corkscrews and openers. If you’re looking for champagne gift set ideas, you may consider a champagne and chocolate gift set, as an example  

If you require a wooden wine box which is more rustic and economical, a wine gift box with simple pinned butt joints and a rough-hewn, or a smooth, sanded, non-lacquered finish may be just what you’re looking for.  

Polmac wine packaging boxes can be supplied as a single bottle wine box or champagne box. They can also be supplied as a multiple-bottle wine bottle case, or a champagne bottle case, with or without accessories.  

For special events and promotions, we can help you design a simple wine carrying rack, or a champagne carrying rack, ideal for quickly boosting your sales.

All of Polmac’s customized wooden wine boxes and champagne boxes are beautifully crafted to high-quality standards and can be supplied with internal restraining collars, moulded inserts, luxurious fabric linings, or simple wood wool packing, depending on your requirements.

Safe Transportation

Your finished wine boxes and champagne boxes are individually wrapped in white paper to prevent scuff marks in transit, packed in high, impact-resistant cardboard cartons and then placed onto pallets, ready for transportation. This means your wine packaging boxes can be safely delivered to your premises, without worrying about breakages.

Personalised Wine Boxes

All Polmac wine boxes and champagne boxes can be supplied as personalised gift sets with printed logos or text if a more individual, or company branded finish is required.

Sustainable And Managed Materials

Polmac’s wine packaging boxes are manufactured using wood and wood products that are locally sourced from sustainable and managed forests.

We are proud to be in possession of the NIMP 15 Certificate necessary for international trade, as it guarantees that all our wood materials are free from infestation. This documentation can be supplied on request.

Wooden wine and champagne boxes made by Polmac UK Ltd.
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