Polmac (UK) Ltd manufactures custom-made wood presentation boxes, promotional boxes, gift boxes and packaging, using traditional woodcraft techniques, and semi-automated methods of production.

Wood Types

Polmac uses natural linden wood, alder wood and where appropriate, pinewood as standard base woods. However, we also use imported hard woods where specified.


Polmac timber is sourced locally as rough-hewn planks straight from the saw mill. The planks are then cured for up to two and a half years, by stacking in horizontal, spaced layers, to allow the wood to breathe. Once the natural drying process is completed, some kiln drying may be necessary to ensure the right moisture content and to prevent the wood from warping.

Polmac UK Production Team

Custom-Making Your Boxes

After curing, the rough planks are taken into the factory for cutting and shaping into thin 8 to 10mm panels. The panels are then jointed and glued together in a special hand-held press, to form 'rough' boxes. The lids are then formed by cutting horizontally at the top, using a circular saw.

Special, v-groove joints are formed at the back of each box and narrow, vertical slots cut, for the insertion of concealed metal hinges. The v- groove joints are designed as special features, to 'stop' the lids in a 90 degree vertical position, when opened. Traditional recessed, surface mounted and special stop hinges can also be used.

After the hinges are fitted, your boxes will be fine sanded on a special sanding machine to ensure all surfaces are even and smooth. They are then taken to the spraying booths, for spraying with natural wood and colour stains, block colours, or with a clear lacquer finish.

Alternatively, they will be taken to a special finishing room, for hand painting, carving, pyrographic decoration or other specialised finishing, to meet your specification.

After spraying, your boxes will be dried on special drying racks, for two or three days and then the inside edges will be lacquered, stained or painted by hand, with special sponge squeegees. All remaining ironmongery, such as metal catches, stays and handles are then fixed in position. When all of this is completed, the silk, flock, or hessian fabric linings will be fitted onto moulded inserts in the base and lids of your boxes, where required.  

Finally, your boxes are carefully overprinted with text or logos, to provide the final finishing touches, if specified. They will then be ready for final quality checking.

Quality Control

Polmac (UK) Ltd is committed to supplying you with high quality wood presentation boxes, promotional boxes, gift boxes and packaging, every time you place an order with us. This means your boxes will be individually inspected by our dedicated quality control team prior to despatch, to ensure they achieve the quality standards that have made our name.

After inspection, your boxes are individually wrapped in white paper to prevent chafing in transit, packed in five-layer, impact resistant, corrugated cardboard cartons and then taken to the loading bay ready for shipping by lorry transport.

  • cutting wood for Custom Made Boxes
    Machining Wood
  • dovetail joints in Custom wooden Boxes
    Finger Jointing
  • Quality Inspection Of Wooden Boxes
    Final Inspection
  • Lacquer spraying Wooden Boxes
    Lacquer Spraying
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