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1 octobre 2014

Metallic Foil Block Printing: Simple, Economic & Appealing!

Polmac Metallic Printing Foil

Polmac (UK) Ltd uses a number of different printing methods to personalize our wood, presentation boxes and packaging. One of the most popular methods of printing onto wooden boxes is metallic foil block printing or hot stamping.

Metallic Foil blocking is a printing process that uses a heated die, that is stamped over coloured, metallic foils, making the foil adhere to the wood surface below, leaving a permanent imprint of the logo/text design.

Gold and silver metallic foils are extensively used, although a wide range of coloured and even patterned foils are also very popular.

Metallic, foil blocking machines, called 'hot foil stampers' use heat to transfer the metallic foil onto the wood surface below. For small runs, hot foil stampers can be hand-operated. However, for larger commercial runs, power-operated, pneumatic machines are generally used!

Before the stamping process can begin, the metal die has to be manufactured, with the logo and/or text design, etched in reverse, onto the flat surface of the die. This process of etching a logo/text design onto the die, is computer operated, to ensure 100 % accuracy!

The metallic, foil blocking process is similar to 'potato printing' which you may have done as a child. With potato printing, however, the potato 'die', is dipped in wet paint and then stamped onto paper.

Many Polmac boxes are printed with metallic, foil blocking logo/text designs because it's the most economic method of printing onto wood boxes. However, metallic foil blocking is generally a single colour stamping process. The exception is if a patterned foil is used!

Polmac wood, presentation boxes, with printed foil block logo/text designs are beautifully made, versatile and terrific value, which means they boost bottom-line, product sales.

Polmac Champagne Box For: Fortnum & Mason With Gold Foil Blocking Logo

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