Custom Wooden Boxes made by Polmac UK

Wood Finishes

Clear Lacquer Finishes

Polmac custom wooden boxes are finished with clear lacquers, to bring out the natural warmth and beauty of wood. Clear satin lacquers are used as standard, providing a subtle, low sheen finish. However, clear matt and high gloss lacquer finishes are also available, if preferred.

Our clear lacquers are designed to protect your wood boxes against adverse environmental conditions, scratches and finger marks, providing a long-lasting and durable finish.

We apply the clear lacquers with a spray gun rather than a brush, so your wood presentation boxes always look their best, having a smooth, even and consistent finish.

Clear Lacquer Finish
Clear Lacquer Finishes

Natural Wood And Colour Stains

Polmac uses a range of water-based, natural, wood and colour stain finishes that are mixed with clear lacquers to make them water-resistant. However, non-standard colours are also available on request. So if you want to match a corporate or another branding colour, please let us know.

All Polmac wood and colour stain finishes are translucent, which allows the natural colour and grain character of the wood to be maintained through the wood stain and this gives your custom wooden boxes a distinctive and subtle quality.

Important Note: 

Please note that Polmac wood and colour stain finishes, like all water and oil based paints, are adversely affected by exposure to direct sunlight.

  • Natural Wood Stains
  • Natural Colour Stains

Block Colour Paints

For a brighter, more vivid look, we can finish your wooden boxes in a wide range of solid block colours, using standard and non-standard water based and oil based paints, in matt, satin and gloss finishes, to match your branding.

You can embrace your preferences by choosing colours that transform your wooden gift boxes into stylish, cheerful and effortlessly cool presentation packs. The one thing that can be guaranteed is that your custom wooden boxes finished in bright, attractive block colours will help attract more customers.

Block Colour Paints
Block Colour Paints

Pastel Colours

If you’re looking for a more subtle block colour finish for your wood boxes, we can also supply them in standard and non-standard pastel colours.

Pastel colours are ideal if you’re looking for a more subtle yet contemporary finish for your wood gift boxes. They provide a complimentary splash of colour that your customers will admire and be attracted to.

Whether you’re looking for a soft pink, or a gentle blue, you can choose from a wide range of pastel shades, to suit your exact requirements.

Pastel Colours
Pastel Colours

Health & Safety

All Polmac clear lacquers, natural wood and colour stain finishes and block colour paints are non-toxic, child-safe and are specified food-compatible.