Custom Wooden Boxes made by Polmac UK

Wood Finishes

Clear Lacquer Finishes

Where clear lacquer has been specified, Polmac (UK) Ltd uses clear, satin lacquer finishes as standard. However, clear matt and gloss lacquers are also available on request.

Natural Wood And Colour Stains

Polmac uses a range of water-based, natural, wood and colour stain finishes that are mixed with clear lacquers to make them water-resistant. However, non-standard colours are also available on request. So if you want to match a corporate or another branding colour, please let us know.

All Polmac wood and colour stain finishes are translucent, which allows the natural grain character of the wood to be seen through the wood stain and this gives your wood presentation boxes a distinctive and subtle quality.

Important Note: 

Please note that Polmac wood and colour stain finishes, like all water and oil based paints, are adversely affected by exposure to direct sunlight.

Block Colour Paints

We can also supply your boxes in solid, block colours using standard and non-standard water based and oil based paints in matt, satin and gloss finishes.

Health & Safety

All Polmac clear lacquers, natural wood and colour stain finishes and block colour paints are non-toxic, child-safe and are specified food-compatible.

Polmac UK Block Colour Paints
Block Colour
Polmac UK Clear Laqueur Finishes
Clear Laqueur
Polmac UK Natural Wood Stains
Natural Wood
Polmac UK Colour Stains
Polmac UK Pastel Colour Paints

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