Fabric Linings

Silk Fabrics

Silk is a delicate, finely textured fabric, with a beautiful, satin sheen finish. It is laid loose, in folds, on moulded inserts in bases, and on foam pads in lids, and is available in a range of vibrant, eye-catching colours. Silk linings are normally used where a more luxuriant finish is required.

Brushed Silk Fabrics

Brushed silk is a delicate fabric with a fine texture and a stunning satin sheen finish. Similar to silk, it can be laid loose in folds on moulded inserts in bases and on foam pads in lids. Additionally, it has a pronounced brushed effect woven into the fabric, to give it a more textured and distinctive look. It is also available in a range of vibrant colours.

Flock Fabric

Flock is a thin gauge, cotton backed fabric, with a flock application on one side. It is glued directly onto wood, to provide a smooth, even, suede effect that is suitable for overprinting. Flock fabric is also available in a range of bright colours.


Hessian is made from natural jute and has a distinctive, open weave texture, similar to sack cloth, which provides a beautiful, rustic finish. Hessian is laid loose in pleats, on moulded inserts in bases, and on foam pads within the lids.

Hessian can also be glued directly onto wood like flock, to provide a smooth, even finish. It is available in a light-brown colour, as standard, and also in a range of non-standard colours, please ask for full details.

Whatever fabric finishing requirements you may have, just ask, we’ll be happy to help.


Silk Fabric
Silk Fabric
Brushed Silk Fabric
Brushed Silk Fabric
Flock Fabric
Flock Fabric
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